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It was an ordinary block of apartments. One of the slums of Hell's Kitchen. Nobody living there that mattered to anyone but themselves.

Except the landlord had refused to pay up protection money to the Kingpin. Such a thing was unforgivable from the crime boss's standpoint. And so they were going to have to pay with their homes and their lives instead.

He had heard the yells for help from across town, could feel the heat of the fire as swung in on a line close enough to land on the roof opposite. All those heartbeats inside, he had to get to as many as he could. Daredevil snapped his line back, sliding his stick into his boot holder on the run as he dove straight into the burning building.

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It didn't matter where he was at, whether it be Smallville or Metropolis, he heard it. Every cry around the world and every hitch of breathing. Even heard things that most men shouldn't be able to hear. It's how he knew there was a fire in New York. How he knew that he'd have to go help any way that he could.

So he leaves the Daily Planet and heads down an alley, changing as he goes flying straight to New York. That's when he sees the building on fire. Sees the people inside, hears them as they cry out for help. He also can hear someone else inside and he's not sure if they're trying to help or not.

Hovering slightly close to the building itself he takes in a deep breath before blowing it out, using his breath to start putting out the fire in the building.


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