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He knew this day would come.

The day he and the Kingpin stood toe to toe for control of this city. However, he had envisioned it a little differently. He wouldn't have been the one caught and tied up. He hadn't gone quietly, as ten of the Kingpin's 'best' men would attest to, currently nursing broken bones and sore spots.

Things were not looking good for Daredevil. The Kingpin was flying high, so pleased with himself for having captured the vigilante. The fly in the ointment was what he called him. That tune changed when his goons unmasked him for all of them to see.

They had been beaten by a blind man.

Fisk seethed in anger against not only Daredevil but his own men for being 'plebians who couldn't kill a rat if they had to.' He'd then ordered trussed up Daredevil taken away to a secret room in his tower. One that hardly anyone knew about. This one was soundproof.

How many days ago that was, Matt couldn't say. He had managed to slip his ropes time and time again but it made no difference. The room was wired for sound, speakers on every wall. The noise that piped into the room was loud enough for someone with normal hearing. It was excruciating for Matt's super senses, every second he was in there. The sound echoing back and forth in the room, he couldn't get his bearings. Down was up, up was down. He crawled along the floor at times, trying to find a way out. But there was no way out. Time blurred together into one long session of pain and torture. All of it on video for the Kingpin to enjoy breaking the Man without Fear.

He had passed out many a time, ears bleeding, only to wake up to a henchman slapping his face to wake him up and set his chair upright again. And the noise would start again. It had gotten to the point where he couldn't think anymore. Hoping beyond hope that it would all end one way or another.


Oct. 22nd, 2016 01:25 pm
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It was an ordinary block of apartments. One of the slums of Hell's Kitchen. Nobody living there that mattered to anyone but themselves.

Except the landlord had refused to pay up protection money to the Kingpin. Such a thing was unforgivable from the crime boss's standpoint. And so they were going to have to pay with their homes and their lives instead.

He had heard the yells for help from across town, could feel the heat of the fire as swung in on a line close enough to land on the roof opposite. All those heartbeats inside, he had to get to as many as he could. Daredevil snapped his line back, sliding his stick into his boot holder on the run as he dove straight into the burning building.
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People yelling.
Sirens blaring.

A typical night in Hell's Kitchen.

Only this one was a little louder than usual. A building near the edge of the city had exploded into flames, the police swarming to the scene with their usual inefficiency. Daredevil had heard the explosion across town and was running along the rooftops to investigate. The police scanners squauking confusion and mayhem as they didn't know what kind of thing was tearing through the flames as they were trying to take it down.

Matt paused on the rooftop nearest the building in question, the heat palpable even from this distance. He could hear repeated gunfire and calls from the police trying to get control of the situation. And then a large crash over the crackling flames.

That sounded suspiciously like a car being thrown.
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This was a pretty typical situation for Daredevil. He was perched on a high rooftop, listening for trouble. Usually it was a generalized trouble he was looking for but today, he had something specific in mind. A family had been taken by the Kingpin's men for not paying their "protection money". The police weren't going to do anything, so it was up to him to rescue them.

Of course, he wasn't aware that it was a much bigger situation he was going to be coming into, the warehouse being a storage facility for gun runners as well as keeping one scared kidnapped family till they agreed to pay up.


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