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People yelling.
Sirens blaring.

A typical night in Hell's Kitchen.

Only this one was a little louder than usual. A building near the edge of the city had exploded into flames, the police swarming to the scene with their usual inefficiency. Daredevil had heard the explosion across town and was running along the rooftops to investigate. The police scanners squauking confusion and mayhem as they didn't know what kind of thing was tearing through the flames as they were trying to take it down.

Matt paused on the rooftop nearest the building in question, the heat palpable even from this distance. He could hear repeated gunfire and calls from the police trying to get control of the situation. And then a large crash over the crackling flames.

That sounded suspiciously like a car being thrown.

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That very building, a rundown hostel of sorts, had been serving as David's home for hardly two weeks. He didn't know how it had caught fire, but it had rudely woken him as the smoke poured in. Nonfunctional smoke detectors meant it was almost too late to escape and others were stuck on the upper floors with him. It was total panic and they were trapped.

Until David had lost control. Scared and trying to help drag a man from the flames, his sleeve had caught fire and his arm was badly burned. It didn't take long for the Hulk to make his appearance after that, and the monster was soon bulldozing a path out of the building. Everyone was out, but then the loud noises started and as people ran from him, an officer shouted at him. People were always shouting at him, and in the height of his anger, it was always hard to understand.

Others soon came to back the puny human, and they yelled at him too. The loud things from their belts were held in their hands, and there were still people trying to run out of the building behind him. With a mighty roar, the Hulk picked up a car and turned it on its side, shielding everyone from the loud people.

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Hulk is setting up a huge barrier, and what cars he isn't using, he's shoving at the patrol cars to get them to back away. He's not looking to hurt people really, he just wants the loud to STOP.

The more noise there is, the more worked up he gets. People have stopped rushing out of the building, they've all escaped and are running as far from the inferno as possible, but Hulk is still pinned down next to it. The walls are starting to lean as the interior burns away, but he's oblivious to the threat. He pokes his head above the car with a vicious snarl, muscles in his neck and face straining with rage.

Everyone is safe, so why are the loud men still trying to fight him? If it's a fight they want, then a fight they'll get! There's the scream of metal warping as he latches onto the undercarriage of the vehicle in front of him, intent on picking it up and launching it at the police. Now behind the vehicle, he can't hear Tindelli shouting for retreat as he goes to pick up the car.

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The Hulk strains under the weight of the car, giving another bellow as he looks and realizes the cops have backed up. However there's another form rushing toward him and he snarls, until it speaks. He's angry, sure, but Hulk never forgets someone he's helped. He remembers the human dressed all in black, and hurting from the other men.

He can't step down that easily though, and stands there, growling down at Daredevil while the car stays overhead. It's a standoff, at least for the moment, until the sound of brick and mortar giving way catches the Hulk's attention. With a surprised look, he glances back at the building and then drops one end of the car. He quickly steps toward Daredevil, holding the angled vehicle over them like a shield as the inferno collapses right toward them.
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The weight of the building brings the Hulk down to a knee as he holds the rubble and the car upon his back like a green Atlas. The bricks are hot and the fire continues to rage around them, whatever left that is flammable in the rubble continuing to burn. The Hulk snarls, the look on his face changing from rage to determination as slowly he works a foot under him.

With a mighty heave he lifts the car with all its debris and tosses it clear. The fire is still everywhere but he looks down to find the man in black. He wants to make certain the friend is okay. He liked him. Banner liked him. He had to be sure he was safe from the fire.
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The Hulk looks around, Daredevil's words falling on barely comprehending ears as he starts looking for a way out. He could jump upward, but the piles of debris are hot and unlikely to support his massive weight. He doesn't want to be buried alive in embers.

There's a few unintelligible grunts as he looks around, pressing his hands to the hot brick only to pull them back with a pained snarl. They have to get out. The heat is making him angry, the smoke is choking. His rage starts to boil again as he spins in place, then backs up. He lowers a shoulder, bracing himself as he roars, charging for the debris pile.

There's a mighty crash, and from outside it almost looks like an explosion as bricks and debris fly, the Hulk plowing a clear path. Unfortunately, it's straight toward Tindelli's car. The Hulk is too preoccupied with the fire trying to take hold in his hair to realize there is an object in front of him once he's free of the debris.

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The Hulk has only just put out the sparks in his hair when Daredevil's baton smacks into him. He looks around, not even registering that he's plowed into Tindelli's car, and snarls. Even if someone is a friend, he doesn't like being hit. Daredevil's gained the Hulk's attention, the beast flexing singed muscles just before charging after Daredevil. He doesn't want to hurt him, but he's going to make him think twice about hitting him!

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The Hulk is fast for a brute his size, and he's coming after Daredevil in earnest. This is a fast target though, and the man in black makes a good run. Hulk turns into the alley, a large, green hand reaching out to grab at Daredevil when he's suddenly left grasping air, and staring down a wall. The Hulk's feet skid on the pavement as he braces himself. He doesn't want to take out the wall so he doesn't hit it too hard, but it certainly reverberates. He pauses to look around, before finally glancing up to Daredevil with a snarl.

A clawed hand reaches out, not that he thinks he can grab him, but it's more a taunt. Come down here and try that again! He growls up at Daredevil, wondering if he really wants to try jumping up after him or not. He is a friend after all, even if he did hit him with a stick.

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Hulk watches Daredevil swing around the corner, but he's more curious now, than he is angry. Clearly he's supposed to follow, which he does. The growling is a little less as he keeps his eyes to the sky, letting Daredevil lead him along. He's just about forgotten why he was angry at him anyway, and he trusts him to keep him out of trouble.

Hulk utters a curious grunt as he looks down to check what's in front of him, he doesn't want to run into anyone if it's not necessary. He knocks over people all the time, but that's clearly not part of whatever game is being played. Follow the Leader. This he can get into.

He makes a half-hearted grasp in the air after Daredevil's form, but Hulk is starting to slow down a bit. He blinks heavily, sighing and yet he tries to stay focused on Daredevil, even as he steps down from his earlier rage.

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The Hulk keeps moving after Daredevil, but his motions are plodding and slow. Eventually his target, which is starting to swim before the Hulk's eyes, slows to a stop and allows him to catch up. His own feet feel heavy as he walks slowly up to Daredevil. Towering in front of him, he lifts up a large hand, and then sets it on Daredevil's shoulder, patting it with a friendly, uncharacteristically light gentleness.

He smiles briefly, flashing large teeth with a grunt. Tag, human. Then he sidesteps Daredevil and moves over to a tree trunk, leaning heavily against it, and slowly collapsing to the ground. David is in there, and slowly, he's making his way back.

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David is exhausted, and while his burns are healing they're still painful. He doesn't take long to come around, and when he does he gives a pained groan, only feeling more cold from his wounds. He isn't expecting anyone to be nearby so he here's his head around to look at the source of the sound, and quickly regrets it.

"Ow." He drags himself up so he's sitting instead of prone and looks up with shock on his face as he recognizes his company. "Matt?" He can smell the smoke on both of them, what memories he does have come rushing back and then he sees the blood on his friend's face. He grimaces as he stands, and taking little heed to his own wounds, he wobbles over and quickly starts to assess his friend with faintly shaking fingers.

"Are you alright? You weren't, you weren't in the fire were you?"

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"I'll be fine." He's not lying, but he's not giving details. David is too preoccupied with doctoring Matt, to really give himself a proper assessment just yet. Some might attribute it to ego, but he knows he will heal quickly, and is more interested in mending those who need it more than he does.

"Sorry." He removes his hands when Matt winces so he doesn't make it hurt more. Once Matt is still again, he's more careful. His hands sting a bit, but the skin there is unbroken, so he's less worried about Matt, and besides they both have radiation exposure.

"Well, you might need a stitch or two, but it could have been worse. I was trying to get off the fourth floor when the metamorphosis occured. What happened? Are the police alright?" Good or bad, David is not a fan of hurting anyone, if he can help it.

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"I...?" It takes David a moment to realize that Matt isn't joking, and then he sighs. He steps back, finally looking at his own arms and realizing they've been seriously scalded, but the itching tells him the power granted through his inner monster is at work already. In a few days he should look untouched.

"Let's...get you home." Because David doesn't need memories to know his home is burned to the ground, along with everything he had. He'll need help to get shoes back on his feet and the least he can do is provide his medical services in return. He is about to offer his hand out to Matt when there's the crunch of gravel under car wheels from too far off for David to hear. Someone else is also in town, and is hot on the trail of a reported green hulking creature following the infamous Daredevil. It's a double scoop if McGee can just track down where the duo went.

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David can only gawk at Matt, stunned at the idea of a building collapsing onto them. And Matt came out with bruises and some minor wounds. David only gives so much credit to the monster but it's saved Matt for him before, so at least that confirms it can recognize old allies. It's a small comfort, but it does help a little.

He doesn't hear anything when Daredevil tells him the car is approaching, but he doesn't question it. He follows Matt into the park blindly, trusting his friend to get them out if trouble. And trouble it is, when McGee finds Hulk-sized tracks.

"John?!" Not that McGee had any other name to call David, but David still can't help that his head swivels and his heart rate spikes briefly at the familiar voice. It makes his feet move a little faster, and while he tries to hold his arms gingerly, his grip tightens faintly as he the reporter jogs after the tracks.

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