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SWS Posts
[having lunch break outside the courthouse]
[feeling along a wall and table]
[walking to the courthouse with briefcase]
You picked the wrong alley, mister.
[handstand on the building's edge]
[fighting group of thugs on docks]
[doing some paperwork in his office]
[keeping an eye out for trouble]
[it's a quiet night....too quiet]
[waiting patiently to speak to you]
[poised to fight a motorcycle gang]
No, I don't need your help...(h/c meme)
[taking on bad guys while wounded]
[taking on punching bag at gym]
[feeling around desk for his gloves]
["looking" over a rooftop at night]
[wincing, disoriented] I don't enjoy fireworks.
[standing quietly in a certain alleyway]
[beating up a thug in alleyway]
[hunting] Has anyone seen my pen?
[spending time with a punching bag]
[coming around slowly at Tony's penthouse]
[walking into office, open for business]
[eyes closed, listening to the sounds]
[in hospital bed with gunshot wound]
[shifting and twitching in his sleep]
[standing on a roof, in shadow]
[hears someone] Can I help you?
[running and backflipping over the rooftops]
[standing on corner, holding white stick]

SWS Tags
Discussing desk jobs with Pepper Potts
Shouldn't wish for new eyes
Talking about moms
Trying to cheer up Molly Walker
Talking to Jack Harkness at hospital
Girl version of Stark on his couch
Discussing existence of aliens with Garak
Joking with Benton Frasier of the Mounted Police
Phoebe is confusing
For great justice
Trading barbs with Wade Wilson
Bruce Wayne is going spelunking
Lurking near the Oracle
Coffee from Ianto
Robin's drastic costume change
Meeting Happy and talking about sparring
Meeting a real mermaid?
Comes upon a girl beating up a dummy
Elle likes hide and seek
Tony should prepare a statement
John Preston of Equilibrium fame
You don't talk about fight club
Keeping an eye on young Peter Parker
Loud sparks are loud
Discussing men's egos with Kate Beckett
Meta with Sheldon Cooper
Hello Batman Beyond
Cat in Matt's apartment
Racing House with wheelchair
Doctor Nine knocks over Matt
Miss Chekov wants to be punched
The Brig is in over his head
Wounded on a church with Tandy [Light in the Dark verse]
Crossing over into the Mummy
Molly had a nightmare
Pepper was texting tired
Casanova had his purse stolen
Meeting Sam Tyler, note to mun: finish life on mars
Visting Oracle again
A young bodyguard
*squee* Captain America!
Crossing over to NCIS
Velma lost her glasses
Telling Neo he doesn't believe in fate
Steve Rogers and apple pie
Steve needs help learning about cellphones
Talking with Mal Reynolds
Defensive with Fry Sweeney
Meeting Ariel on the beach, she's a mermaid
Meeting the Master, who is not scruffy
Saving Crystal (xmen) from a pit, chase through town
Blind leading the blind
Bullseye sighting
Talking to the Duke of York
In the gym someone is boxing
A lovely french cafe
Asimov's robot
Blind and deaf, they work well together
Telepathic and deaf
A shared dream
Short discussion on society
Comparing abilities with another Magneto
Challenging Azazel
Charles Xavier bandages his arm
Batman Beyond meets Daredevil
Meeting Sif
Bucky at the target range
Chance meeting with Raven
Peter Petrelli saves Matt's life
Exhausted doctor in the hospital
Answering the phone
Drop the weapon first
Helping Wesley clean up coffee
Lost in Lothlorien forest
Analyzed by Sherlock Holmes
Picked up by Raven in a bar
Discussing drugs with Yusef
Ariel has new feet
Meeting Selina Kyle (catwoman)
Scuffling in Gotham
Business with Nickolai White
Two Face has a coin
Out with Catwoman at night
Comparing injuries with Watson
What is Wii baseball?
Too big to be a dog
Arthur Conan Doyle is working on a new novel
Discussion on truth and lies with Ariadne
On a train with inception's Arthur
Attacked by Loki
Meeting a giant at night
AU!Charles has a gun
Captured by Shaw but he escapes
A mermaid's singing
Seeing Carol again
Stuck in an elevator with Arthur
Jake Jensen's attempt to steal and escape
Two blind men
Showing braille to Frigga
Another creature of the night, the Phantom
Meeting Plastic Man
Quiet elusive Batwoman
Does Sherlock need a lawyer?
Bucky got beat up
Spiderman talks to himself
Coming across Nightwing
Asking Selina on a date
Dark AU!Charles challenges Matt
Helping Steve Rogers not get beat up
Another Daredevil?
Talking with one of Gotham's finest
Maxwell Smart meant to do that
Taking on Poison Ivy
Clark Kent is too honest
Sherlock doesn't like normal people
Meeting up with Jake Jensen again
Fellow New Yorker
Handing out a business card
Two Daredevils (again)
Tony looking for charities
Elektra in the rain
Black Widow again
Meeting Alfred
The great Sherlock Holmes
Story with Sherlock
Meeting Victor Fries at dear_mun

Injured/Hurt Meme: Daredevil
Cupcake Meme: Toothless the dragon
Rescue of Wade Wilson
Helping a wounded Magneto
Going to the Stark Expo

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