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This was a pretty typical situation for Daredevil. He was perched on a high rooftop, listening for trouble. Usually it was a generalized trouble he was looking for but today, he had something specific in mind. A family had been taken by the Kingpin's men for not paying their "protection money". The police weren't going to do anything, so it was up to him to rescue them.

Of course, he wasn't aware that it was a much bigger situation he was going to be coming into, the warehouse being a storage facility for gun runners as well as keeping one scared kidnapped family till they agreed to pay up.

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The mission had been Hill's special project for the past week - once they had taken down the two figureheads, they'd managed to extract the location of the storage facility for the machinery. Watching Natasha interrogate someone was like watching a scene playing out; it was an art she was brilliant at, and it'd taken less than a half hour before the guys had tripped up over themselves.

So Hill was going in to the warehouse alone for some recon, a squad of junior agents positioned a few streets away in an abandoned warehouse for backup, and a bird up in the sky piloted by Barton, who she at least trusted with coming to save her in time. Besides, they believed that most of the people involved in the trade ring were at a wedding of some sort - and that was being monitored from HQ.

The entry point was going to be a side door that was guarded round the clock, on the clock. Which meant there was a window of time where she could slip in unnoticed (thanks to some sort of device that cloaked her from the camera - when Stark really started going off about something technological, she pretended to listen and then trusted it would work.

Three minutes to, she slipped into an alley over, ducking behind a dumpster and looking up at the roofs. Daredevil's advice had come in handy, and even though she didn't expect to see him, it wasn't like she had anything better to do for a few minutes. But there wasn't anyone in there and she turned her focus back to the clock, counting down the time.

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Overhead, a dark figure flips and bounds over the rooftops like they were nothing. Daredevil at his best, this was his playground essentially. He reaches the warehouse quickly, crouching on a ledge to listen around. It sure seemed like there were too many heartbeats around. For a moment, he thinks maybe they were tipped off, in which case the family wouldn't be here. But as he quietly skirts the perimeter, he gets the idea that these people are not with the ones he's after.

One heartbeat in particular was very familiar.

"We do need to stop meeting like this," his quiet voice comes from overhead. Matt's masked face is looking over a rooftop ledge down at her on the ground.

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Barton radios a heads down to Hill when he notices the figure on the roofs approaching her. "It's fine, he's clear," Hill reassures, and Barton goes silent on his end, the stealth jet hovering well above any radar the perps would have, and maybe even outside of Daredevil's super hearing.

The standard blue S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform has been replaced with a much sleeker, quieter intelligence gathering one.

So when she hears his voice from above, she doesn't surprise or panic - instead she just smiles to herself.

"Seems to me that you're the one who always finds me," she comments quietly, knowing he'll hear and she doesn't have to shout. Shouting wouldn't be very productive right now. "Am I being conspicuous again?" Last time she had been obvious trying not to be obvious - the skin tight black uniform with a built in chest harness and enough supplies in its pockets to impress a boy scout was incredibly obvious.
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"Not too many vigilante's this side of town," he says, doing a handstand on the edge and flipping down to land on his feet agilely.

"No, not exactly." She and her people were very well concealed. He just had an advantage with finding people. But his demeanor is less amused this time. "This isn't a social call this time. There's a family trapped in that warehouse. If you go in guns blazing, they are as good as dead." He's deadly serious on that point.

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Again with the flair - though as she watches him come down, she once again finds herself wondering how long it would take her to perfect the same movement.

"I'm not alone," she admits, but she's not sure just who he's aware of. And even though she trusts him to a certain degree, she's not going to put any of the other agents at risk. "But this is a recon mission - they're backup. In case something goes south. Family?"

That changed things. But she wasn't sure how yet.

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He's practiced years to get this good.

"A boy and a girl, both grade school. Their parents couldn't pay the extortion rate for keeping their store front, so the Kingpin is keeping them under wraps till they come up with the money." Which they can't. There is no money to give them.

"You have to let me go in first." He's not taking no for an answer on this.

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Hill looks to the door, knowing that her window of opportunity was going to present it self quite quickly - and disappear just as quickly.

"So you want to go in and get them back?" she clarifies. If he was planning a snatch and grab, they'd be on the look out for someone - and that compromised her entire mission.

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"I do." Matt gets the idea that she's not sure about that kind of a plan. But he wasn't about to abandon these kids to the chance that they might survive the mission they had planned.

"At least, give me a five minute headstart." He might even be willing to go in when she does, but not the whole team. He didn't want to tip them off, he wanted to get the kids out before the bad guys even knew he'd been there.

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Five minutes will still leave her sneaking around a criminal facility that's just been robbed of hostages, so she shakes her head. "If you retrieve the kids, they're going to be looking for someone." And there the guard left - now was her window, and she tried to keep a clear head and work through this as fast as possible.

"I'll go in with you. We take the kids and leave - it'll make things harder when we take the warehouse down later, but it won't work otherwise."

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He doesn't like it, but neither does she. So this is the best they can make of a potentially bad situation.


Daredevil pulls out his nightsticks, one in each hand, as he starts moving through the shadows towards the warehouse. Coming up on the building next to it and rappelling up to the roof. The nightstick on a line comes back down for her to grab onto as he's flattened himself on the roof to listen what's going on around the warehouse.

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There’s nothing Hill can do but follow – not that she was heading that way anyway, but this was different, not taking the lead on a mission. This is familiar ground for him, and she can’t deny that it makes sense.

As she follows him, slipping behind buildings and sticking to the dark, her hand moves to her sidearm, resting on top of it firmly. Daredevil disappears to the top of the building and she’s had too many missions partnered up with the special ops agents to be worried.

The nightstick comes down and she grabs it, holding it tightly in her hands. She’s assumed he would make sure to take her with him… seemed like he had a disposition for teamwork. It was a good sign.

When she was on top of the building, she mimicked him, flattening herself beside him. Hill held up two fingers, indicating the time they had left to get in, and then pointed down to the door to indicate where the guard was, in case he was confused.

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Matt wasn't used to working with others up here, but he could at least try to be accommodating. Besides, he liked this agent's style, she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn't see the gesture or the two fingers and missed them completely. His head doesn't even turn that way. "Two guards, one coming around the other side. He just got back from smoking." Daredevil keeps his voice low.

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His lack of acknowledgement wasn’t overly suspicious, but Hill did wonder why he hadn’t responded to her. Maybe he was too focused on watching the guards? Or maybe he wasn’t in the practice of confirming information. Whatever it was, he was right and there were two guards, one coming around the other side.

“What’s your plan?” she murmurs, her voice low and soft. By default it was now their plan, but she didn’t like to think about how little control that gave her over the situation.

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His original plan was to get in without being seen. Using the rooftops instead of the doors. But now there were two of them, so it did complicate things both ways.

"Better if we can bypass them entirely. I can swing over there from here..." But he wasn't sure if she would be able to follow with the same move.

"How would you go in?" Better to have more than one plan in this situation.

Sorry for the delay!

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“Should be thirty seconds until they head inside, then another minute until their replacements arrive. That was my window to get in.” But she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to get in position in thirty seconds, so that option was burnt.

“Swing with one of these?” she asks, indicating the nightstick in her hand that had gotten her up here. Acrobatics weren’t out of the realm of possibility, as long as she wasn’t supposed to do a handstand on the cement barrier 40 feet in the air.
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