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He knew this day would come.

The day he and the Kingpin stood toe to toe for control of this city. However, he had envisioned it a little differently. He wouldn't have been the one caught and tied up. He hadn't gone quietly, as ten of the Kingpin's 'best' men would attest to, currently nursing broken bones and sore spots.

Things were not looking good for Daredevil. The Kingpin was flying high, so pleased with himself for having captured the vigilante. The fly in the ointment was what he called him. That tune changed when his goons unmasked him for all of them to see.

They had been beaten by a blind man.

Fisk seethed in anger against not only Daredevil but his own men for being 'plebians who couldn't kill a rat if they had to.' He'd then ordered trussed up Daredevil taken away to a secret room in his tower. One that hardly anyone knew about. This one was soundproof.

How many days ago that was, Matt couldn't say. He had managed to slip his ropes time and time again but it made no difference. The room was wired for sound, speakers on every wall. The noise that piped into the room was loud enough for someone with normal hearing. It was excruciating for Matt's super senses, every second he was in there. The sound echoing back and forth in the room, he couldn't get his bearings. Down was up, up was down. He crawled along the floor at times, trying to find a way out. But there was no way out. Time blurred together into one long session of pain and torture. All of it on video for the Kingpin to enjoy breaking the Man without Fear.

He had passed out many a time, ears bleeding, only to wake up to a henchman slapping his face to wake him up and set his chair upright again. And the noise would start again. It had gotten to the point where he couldn't think anymore. Hoping beyond hope that it would all end one way or another.

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Time had passed since he'd seen his vigilante friend. More time than he realised, but not as much as could have. They'd found themselves in Hell's Kitchen yet again, and Leonard wouldn't pass up the chance to pay the man back. An excuse to check up on the man that probably wouldn't hold to the light of day, but he trusted the man wouldn't call him on anything sentimental.

Leonard was chagrined to realise crime had increased nearly ten fold, leading him to believe that maybe something had happened to his friend. When asking around about 'his lawyer', he found that Matt had been missing for anywhere between a week to a month. The answers varied, and that only furthered his drive to find Murdock. The very first place he'd stopped had been to let himself into Matt's apartment. A world class thief like Leonard Snart didn't need a spare key. Other stops had been made after that, until he made an in with a gang of thugs. It was easy, really. He was a criminal himself, and as long as he didn't wear his parka or goggles, the idiots didn't recognise him. How fortunate for him.

His efforts paid off when he heard whispers that the Kingpin had caught the Devil. Okay, there was really no misinterpreting that. He'd like to have Sara and Mick watching his back, but this required more stealth than Mick was capable of and Sara was busy on a mission with Palmer and the Hawk.

He wasn't Daredevil, but he knew how to get around a security system. Especially one he'd already seen rather intimately. He only needed three days to case the tower before he made his move. Snart made his way rather easily up several floors before there was even an issue. When he did encounter an issue, he knocked it out and left it tied up in a closet. The next real issue he came across was locating Matt. --Yes, it was glaringly obvious now that the Kingpin knew the identity of his nemesis.

Now, when cunning and stealth didn't get a job done, he had to use an approach Mick was ever fond of. Chaos. He triggered a few alarms intentionally, made a little commotion and fell back. Anyone with a secret prisoner to hide would send reinforcements to cover said prisoner, if it seemed like someone might be coming to rescue them. Now, that may not be the safest tactic for locating him, and if he were Ray, he might just hack the computer system and find him, but he wasn't Ray. He had to use his own skills for this.

When the fools lead him right to his captive friend, he iced both them, and the door. Steel, when its molecules were completely stopped, was as brittle as glass. When he shattered the door with the head of a goon, the sound filling the room immediately assaulted him. He located the sound system speakers lining the walls and neutralised them with a sub-zero blast. That much ice in the room would quickly drop the temperature to a meat locker.

"Hey." He spoke softly, working on unbinding the man from his chair.

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The wild fist caught him in the temple. "Easy!" Snart grappled the flailing arm, pulling it down in front of him. He refused to restrain him more than that after freeing him from his ropes. "Easy." He said again, with less startled force behind the word. He had his doubts that Matt could even hear him right now, but if something at all got through, it might help.

"It's me. Cold." He brought Matt's hand down to feel the unique gun he'd held once. Whether it meant anything to Matt right now or not, Snart didn't wait too long. They didn't have much time before the idiots realised the distraction he'd made a floor beneath them was just a distraction. He pulled Matt's arm over his shoulder, hooking himself under the man and stood with him. He had a feeling he'd be shouldering all his weight, but that was fine. "If you can hear me, I'm gonna get you out of here."

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Leonard held Matt's weight, looping his free arm around his waist to steady the man entirely. Sorry, Matt. He doesn't have the upper body strength to carry someone close to his size bridal or fireman.

The sound of rubber on ice caught his attention easily and he knew they were out of time. Len iced more of the floor and took off with Matt as quickly as he could. Yes, he was used to ice. He'd been using it for a while now, and keeping a sure foot on it tended to give him more of an advantage over his adversaries. Doing so while juggling the weight of another man was a little more difficult.

He heard the occasional bullet ping off a wall close to him and knew someone was watching. Someone was directing the goons to intercept him on his way. He needed to get Matt to the Waverider, ideally/ But they had to escape this wretchedly tall building first...

"This is gonna be a bumpy ride, Hero. Sorry 'bout that." He muttered as he slipped around another corner.

Wrong account.

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"This place is really starting to get on my nerves." Cold seethed as he iced another door and kicked it out. He didn't expect Matt was very coherent at the moment, if the pallor of his skin and caked blood down his neck from his ears had been any indication, but when he spoke, Snart didn't question his intuition. He darted left with ease, icing the ground behind them down the right hall for good measures.

At this rate, he was going to overload the gun and drain it's charge. He hit the third floor stairs, taking them as quickly as possible. "Just a little longer."

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"Up? If you recall, we're trying to escape. Alive." Snart questioned and hesitated just long enough to look over to the man he was carrying. He sighed and turned sharply, heading back up. "If you're wrong about this, we're as good as dead." He reminded. Going up was a little harder than down, but he still made decent time, leaning around a corner warily.

"Where to?" His eyes swept the hall, spotting the armory. He fidgeted momentarily. "Hold that thought." Snart slipped out from under Daredevil's, settling him to the ground and tried the handle. Locked, of course. Good thing he's a thief. Cold slipped the lock pick kit out of his pocket and in seconds, had the door open. He retrieved Matt and slipped into the armory with him.

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"Catch your breath. I've got an idea." He really was a kid in a candy store--or, this would've been his candy store before he happened across his Cold Gun. Not that he couldn't indulge the thief itching to lift a few expensive looking weapons. Plus, indulging in that aspect of himself would only have a negative effect on the criminals of Hell's Kitchen, so was it really bad?

Leonard sifted through a few things and spotted a few very useful toys. Amidst the explosives, he knocked over a bag. He picked up the parachute, eyeing it carefully. He ran his fingers along the seams and the rip cord. They were far too low to the ground to use it at this level, but the penthouse would be right at the threshold. "We're in his armoury and I have a plan. We're going to the top and we're going to jump. But we're also going to leave him a parting gift. And, if we make it out of this alive, Fisk is going to be one angry crime lord."

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Leo was hastily inspecting different weapons and collecting useful items here and there as he listened. He paused, voice dark and cold. "Yeah, he's not the only one." Leonard was sufficiently enraged as well, but he showed it in a relatively calm and calculating way. Fisk captured and tortured someone he respected and that didn't fly in Len's book. At all.

"That's fine. I'll shoulder your weight. Just try not to squirm, or we'll both pull a Humpty Dumpty." He found a well balanced eskirma staff, twirled it, then pressed it into Matt's hand. "I don't expect you'll be fighting, but I'd still feel better if you were armed."

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For now, they'd put it at plan F. "Hopefully it won't come to that." He began setting up the first part of his plan. Matt would hear the sound of a cord being unwound and the stripping of plastic, among other telltale shuffling sounds as Leonard set up the first set of explosives.

"I'm taking a page out of my partner's book. He's fond of making noise. If all goes according to plan, Kingpin will be too busy putting out fires to come after us."

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"I'm a criminal, remember?" Snart mumbled almost as if he didn't believe it anymore. "I stopped by your apartment and you weren't there. Asked around and no one had seen you, so I started hanging out with the criminal crowd. It took longer than I'd like, but someone mentioned the Kingpin caught the devil, and that was all I needed. Would've been here sooner, except it seems like he'said been keeping a vow of silence."

Snart finished wiring the explosives to the remote detonator and gave the room another sweep.

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"We're ready." Len shouldered the packed parachute and checked the clip of a hand gun before lifting a duffel bag. "I'm gonna hear another of Rip's lectures after this. But he can shove it."

"Actually, the timeline seems to be undisturbed by your actions. Mr. Murdock was meant to survive."

Gideon's voice in his ear made him jump. "Eavesdropping isn't polite, you know." He moved across the room to crack the door open and glance out. The hallway was still clear. "Time to go." He was back at Matt's side. "By the way, I left you a new first aid kit. Looks like we're gonna need it when we get you out."

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Cold caught him when he staggered, pulling his arm back over his shoulder. "Easy." He pulled the door shut behind them and started down the hall, following Matt's instructions. He kept the Cold Gun ready, the small break giving it a chance to regain a full charge. The gun was only in danger of giving out if it was used extensively. However, he expected with Fisk's constant locking of automated doors, he might find himself right back in the same boat again. Which was why he'd brought back-up weapons. How long had it been since he'd used a real gun? Not counting the revolver back in the old West.

When they hit the stairs, he kept a tighter hold on Murdock to take all of his weight and only stopped when they reached the top of that level. He rifled through the duffel bag and found what he was looking for. "Cover your ears." As soon as Mat complied, Snart triggered the explosives in the armoury, holding tight to a railing. The force of the explosion shook the entire foundation, but the building was large enough that just one disturbed level wouldn't take the entire place down. The floor directly above the armoury, however, might need some remodeling.

"Mr. Snart, be advised that there is a less than 24% probability that you will survive your intended jump with the additional weight of Mr. Murdock." The voice chimed in in his ear again. He worked his jaw, but didn't respond. He put a hand on the stairwell door, ready to dart into the hall for another jaunt. "I have another present to plant. After this, I'm making a beeline for the Penthouse where we'll leave one more present before we hit the roof. You ready?"

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The sigh that slips out was a bit agitated. So, yes, Matt could hear her too. Of course he could, with that keen hearing.

"Not as accurate as she'd like, predicting odds off personality traits. But right now, it's just math. But I've got a plan, so it doesn't matter." That was a partial truth. He did have a plan. It just didn't involve both of them getting out of this. He came to get Matt out, and he'd be damned if he failed.

"Then, let's go." He readjusted Matt against him and continued into the hallway. He remembered seeing a server room in his search. That was his next target for the explosives.

"Is this Kingpin human? He'll die like any of us, right?"

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"Unfortunately, that still counts as human." His father was a corrupt cop who beat his kids and treated everyone like trash. But he still died when shot in the heart with the Cold Gun. He was betting Fisk would too.

Cold tensed when he heard that voice over the intercom. Even more reason to not vocalise his plans of target locations.

"I don't doubt that." He replied to the disembodied voice bitterly. "But you seem to have me confused with a mercenary. See, I just take pleasure in depriving rich assholes of their valuables." He pulled Matt to a stop when he reached the server room. No time for picking locks. He froze the door and kicked it in, helped Matt to the ground, then hastily set the explosives.

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